Film & Fiction is a curated creative corner that I created to document my thoughts on books, movies and pretty much everything in between! From personal opinion through reviews, to discussion and recommendation list, you can found it all in this blog.

A quick walk through my history in the blogosphere, my blogging journey started way back then when I was still enrolled as an awkward (fact: I still am) middle-schooler. Though I chose to bury my first blog deep in the ground now because it's too embarrassing, my passion for blogging is still going strong. I had multiple blogs that didn't last long during my days in college, but the one that actually survived for a good one year is Artsy Draft, a blog dedicated to my interest in creating arts and consuming stories through books and movies. 

Dare I say... although it's not the first blog that I made, Artsy Draft is the first blog that allowed me to have my own little community and this fact always made me teared up. Not only I met many inspiring fellow bloggers and readers, but I also worked with authors and publishers for the very first time! I contributed for pop culture site, I promoted multiple exciting titles through blog tours and street teams, and I got the privilege of reading and reviewing soon-to-be-published titles. I know that my teenage self will be freaking out over this fact and I feel incredibly grateful for these opportunities. 

At the end of 2019, a major thing happened in my life. I got my very first office job and although I managed to stay on schedule for a couple weeks, it started taking toll on my mental health. I got incredibly anxious and stressed because I feel under pressured all the time. I tried to use the weekend to blog and read, but it wasn't enough as I felt too tired already from the long office hours and my body demanded some rests. Long story short, I had to shut down Artsy Draft and with that, I also took an indefinite hiatus on my socials. 

Silly me, of course it wasn't long until I missed blogging again. On June, the idea of re-branding kept popping in my head. I felt distant with my previous brand and I wanted to bring something new to the table. I wanted to blog more broadly and I wanted that to be reflected on my blog's name. And with that, Film & Fiction was born. This time, I promised to be more gentle to myself and not overthink about missing out on newer releases. I promised to be focusing on the quality of the media that I consumed and how it teaches me new perspectives.

Now, a quick introduction about myself! I'm Vinny, the rightful owner of this mess. I'm currently in my 20s and working in banking industry (which is enough to pay the bills, but not enough to fulfill my lifelong dream as a lit and media nerd). I am an avid reader since the moment I realized I could read (no cap!) and I ruined my eyes because of it (no regret!). Getting older, my interest shifted towards other medias. I binge-watched Lizzie McGuire and I want myself a bestie like Miranda and I was crushing hard over Gordo. Lucky enough (or maybe not so lucky), I got myself an annoying little brother just like Matt.

And really, that's it. I'm not sure how to end this, so... thanks for coming to my TED Talk!

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